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photoblog image Skeleton

This picture was taken in Hamedan museum; the point was to show the type of burying a corpse in ancient times. But who knows?! Maybe one day in far far away future, the people will show our corpses (skeletons) in their museums. What do you feel about it? What do you feel about this one in my picture? Did he or she like to be there?

SuRi from United States 11 Aug 2008, 01:20
I think she would like to be there, to live on as a teaching tool for her culture. It is kind of an honor I think.
Bahar Alipoor: Yes, I agree with you smile It is an honor.

vintage from Australia 11 Aug 2008, 13:04
Not sure but I like it.I know some people donate the bodies to science in Australia which all of us medical people thank them.
Bahar Alipoor: I think we should consider that when we die, the only thing that does not matter is our corpse, because we won`t need it anymore. So you are a medical person smile thanks for your nice comment.

latest comment
objectif-p 12 Aug 2008, 07:02
├ža ferait peur !!!

must fill in
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